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Date 2010-02-07.23:59:14
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> That bit is not in the trunk, should it be forward ported to the trunk?

Yes, that should be applied to trunk and 3.x to make it work on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).  I indicated that in msg98979.

The explanation why that part is needed is given in msg98978 and msg98913.
That ultimately points to re-declaration of completion_matches() inserted in a patch in issue4204 (see my comments in the last two messages there).

We must *avoid* the duplicate declaration on Mac OS X, because the same declaration is already in /usr/include/readline/readline.h.
Hence #if !defined(__APPLE__) is used.

So, the readline-libedit-trunk.patch I attached yesterday should be applied to trunk (2.7) and 3.x.

> As that's not a critical change I've committed the fix1 patch as is in r78096.

It seems that you forgot to

        svn add Lib/test/

before committing.
If you run svn status on that checkout I bet it will show with '?' in the left column.

FWIW, you are right about #include <stdlib.h>.  I removed it from the patch yesterday (notice attachment, removal, and a new attachment in the history).
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