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Date 2010-01-28.07:56:19
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> If the part which handles unconsumed data does not work when zlib is available, then the existing tests would fail.

If the existing tests end up testing that part of code too then it's probably fine. I tried to add a print inside the 'if' (at line 605) but it didn't print anything. However here some tests are skipped, so maybe that part of code is tested in some of these skipped tests.

> I see a point in adding a test to make sure zipfile behaves as expected when zlib is not available, but how?

Several tests are already skipped in when zlib is not available (all the ones with the skipUnless decorator)

> Also, on which systems is zlib missing? I don't see this mentioned in the zlib docs.

Even if it's available and usually already installed in most of the systems, in some -- like mine (Linux) -- is not installed.

If you can confirm that that part of code is already tested in some of the tests that here are skipped, I will close the issue.
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