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Date 2010-01-15.22:19:14
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By the way, you witness the issue (less clearly though) by running the tests in debug mode, too:

$ ./python -m test.regrtest -v test_io
test_BufferedIOBase_destructor (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_IOBase_destructor (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_RawIOBase_destructor (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_TextIOBase_destructor (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_append_mode_tell (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_array_writes (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_buffered_file_io (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_close_flushes (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_closefd (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_closefd_attr (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_destructor (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_garbage_collection (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_invalid_operations (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... ok
test_large_file_ops (test.test_io.CIOTest) ... Fatal Python error: Python/ceval.c:4058 object at 0x2572448 has negative ref count -1
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