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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-01-14.22:24:21
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Patch for cElementTree:
 * Replace PyObject_Del() by Py_DECREF()
 * Catch element_new_extra() errors
 * parser dealloc: replace Py_DECREF() by Py_XDECREF() because the pointer may be NULL (error in the constructor)
 * set all parser attributes to NULL at the beginning of the constructor to be able to call safetly the destructor
 * element_new(): define tag, text, tail attributes before calling element_new_extra() to be able to call the destructor
 * raise a MemoryError on element_new_extra() failure. element_new() didn't raise any error on element_new_extra() failure. Other functions just forget to catch element_new_extra() error.
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