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Author nirai
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Date 2010-01-05.07:10:36
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> Thank you. Are you sure the "Shortcut common case" in readline() 
> is useful? BufferedIOBase.readline() in itself should be rather fast.

On my dataset the shortcut speeds up readline() 400% on top of the default C implementation. 

I can take a look to why the C implementation is slow (although it is documented as "slowish").

> Also, I'm not sure what happens in readline() in universal mode when 
> the chunk ends with a '\r' and there's a '\n' in the following chunk 
> (see the "ugly check" that your patch removes). Is there a test for that?

The regular pattern returns either a line chunk or a newline (sequence) but not both. To read a line there is therefore a minimum of two peek() calls. One for the line content and the last for the newline. Since the peek is called with a value of 2, the newline sequence \r\n should be retrieved as is. There is no test for that.
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