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Richard Hansen wrote:
> New submission from Richard Hansen <>:
> The description of the unicode_escape codec says that it produces "a
> string that is suitable as Unicode literal in Python source code." [1] 
> Unfortunately, this is not true as it does not escape quotes.  For example:
>   print u'a\'b"c\'\'\'d"""e'.encode('unicode_escape')
> outputs:
>   a'b"c'''d"""e

Indeed. Python only uses the decoder of that codec internally.

> I have attached a patch that fixes this issue by escaping single quotes.
>  With the patch applied, the output is:
>   a\'b"c\'\'\'d"""e
> I chose to only escape single quotes because:
>   1.  it simplifies the patch, and
>   2.  it matches string_escape's behavior.

If we change this, the encoder should quote both single and double
quotes - simply because it is not known whether the literal
will use single or double quotes.

The raw_unicode_escape codec would have to be fixed as well.
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