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Author lekma
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Date 2009-12-19.09:58:44
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> It would be better to use test skipping: (eg: @unittest.SkipUnless
> before the test class).

I didn't know about this feature, thanks for the tip.

Now I wonder if it would be better to do it this way:
@unittest.SkipUnless(hasattr(socket, "SOCK_CLOEXEC") and fcntl,
"SOCK_CLOEXEC not defined OR module fcntl not available")

or this way:
@unittest.SkipUnless(hasattr(socket, "SOCK_CLOEXEC"), "SOCK_CLOEXEC not
@unittest.SkipUnless(fcntl, "module fcntl not available")

the second option seems better to me (obvious reason why the test was
skipped), what do you guys think? (it doesn't really matter, I know, but
while we're here...)
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