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Author skrah
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Date 2009-12-18.09:38:03
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Yes, it's a problem in _localemodule.c. This situation always
occurs when LC_NUMERIC is something like ISO8859-15, LC_CTYPE
is UTF-8 AND the decimal point or separator are in the range
128-255. Then mbstowcs tries to decode the character according
to LC_CTYPE and finds that the character is not valid UTF-8:

static PyObject*mbstowcs
str2uni(const char* s)
    size_t needed = strlen(s);
    size_t needed = mbstowcs(NULL, s, 0);

I can't see a portable way to fix this except:

block threads
set temporary LC_CTYPE
call mbstowcs
restore LC_CTYPE
unblock threads

I don't think this issue is important enough to do that. What
I do in cdecimal is raise an error "Invalid separator or
unsupported combination of LC_NUMERIC and LC_CTYPE".
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