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Author pitrou
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Date 2009-12-15.10:54:21
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Well, the history on this looks a bit complicated and I don't really
know the details, but witness the first sentences of the initial message
in issue960406:

“This is a patch which will correct the issues some people 
have with python's handling of signal handling in threads. It 
allows any thread to initially catch the signal mark it as 
triggered, allowing the main thread to later process it. (This 
is actually just restoring access to the functionality that was 
in Python 2.1)”

Apparently Python has been hesitating between both behaviours.

> The Python documentation clearly states that 
> there is no user accessible Python functions that can modify
> per-thread signal mask, so it is currently impossible to solve the
> problem with just Python code.

Well as I already said we could introduce this missing feature. Ideas
and patches welcome.
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