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Date 2009-12-14.02:46:52
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Agreed - particularly since that corner case can still be tested through
doctest if desired by using ELLIPSIS instead of IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL.

The patches mostly look good, but the doc changes should be updated to
indicate that using ELLIPSIS doesn't handle the case of mismatched
module names.

E.g. """Note that :const:`ELLIPSIS` can also be used to ignore the
details of the exception message, but such a test may still fail based
on whether or not the module details are printed as part of the
exception name. Using :const:`IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL` is also the only
clear way to write a doctest that doesn't care about the exception
detail yet continues to pass under Python releases prior to 2.4 (doctest
directives appear to be comments to them)."""
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