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Date 2009-12-05.21:03:37
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This fails in _localemodule.c: str2uni(). mbstowcs(NULL, s, 0) is
LC_CTYPE sensitive, but LC_CTYPE is UTF-8 in my terminal.

If I set LC_CTYPE and LC_NUMERIC together, things work.

This raises the question: If LC_CTYPE and LC_NUMERIC differ (and
since they are separate entities I assume they may differ), what
is the correct way to convert the separator and the decimal point?

a) call setlocale(LC_CTYPE, setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, NULL)) before
   mbstowcs. This is not really an option.

b) use some kind of _mbstowcs_l
(, which
takes a locale parameter. But I don't
find such a thing on Linux.
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