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Date 2009-11-20.02:22:58
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I just found this bug and would like to add my experience with 
performance of large JSON docs. I have a few JSON docs about 180MB in 
size which I read from data-services. I use python2.6, run on Linux, 64-
bit node w/ 16GB of RAM and 8 core CPU, Intel Xeon 2.33GHz each. I used 
both json and cjson modules to parse my documents. My observation that 
the amount of RAM used to parse such docs is about 2GB, which is a way 
too much. The total time spent about 30 seconds (using cjson). The 
content of my docs are very mixed, lists, strings, other dicts. I can 
provide them if it will be required, but it's 200MB :)

For comparison, I got the same data in XML and using 
cElementTree.iterparse I stay w/ 300MB RAM usage per doc, which is 
really reasonable to me.

I can provide some benchmarks and perform such tests if it will be 
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