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Author pitrou
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Date 2009-11-07.15:06:56
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Thanks for the review. I will make the suggested modifications.
File Modules/_threadmodule.c (right):
Modules/_threadmodule.c:221: return PyBool_FromLong((long) r);
On 2009/11/07 07:48:05, gregory.p.smith wrote:
> This explicit (long) cast is unnecessary.

Modules/_threadmodule.c:246: PyThread_release_lock(self->rlock_lock);
On 2009/11/07 07:48:05, gregory.p.smith wrote:
> reset self->rlock_owner to 0 before releasing the lock.

We always check rlock_count before rlock_owner anyway but, yes, I could
reset rlock_owner out of safety.
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