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Author jchelary
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Date 2009-11-04.09:52:11
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I've installed Python 3.1.1 on OSX today.
1) When I use the Japanese input from OSX, IDLE interprets any character 
I attempt to type as a space.
2) When I paste a Japanese string from a different place, it is 
correctly handled. For ex:
>>> print('ここ')

While on Python 2.5's IDLE I had:
>>> print('ここ')
Unsupported characters in input


by default.

In any case, IDLE 3.1.1 does not respect the input source and that makes 
it impossible to directly type Japanese (if not other double byte 
character based languages).

Note: IDLE respect OSX dead keys and I can correctly use "Alt+c" to 
input "ç".
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