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Date 2009-10-28.09:40:49
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/etc is definitely not the right place to put files for OS X framework 
builds; if necessary, an etc directory could be added under the 
framework version directory as a sibling of bin and lib.  It's also very 
un-OS X like to be putting things into ~/.python and ~/.local 
directories; the usual place would be in somewhere ~/Library, possibly 
~/Library/Application Support/Python or ~/Library/Frameworks.  Keep in 
mind that it's much more likely on OS X to not only have muitiple 
versions of Python installed but also more than one instance of the 
*same* version, for instance, on 10.6, an Apple-supplied 2.6.2 and a 2.6.4.  Some thought should be given to locations for the 
files for Unix-style (non-framework) builds.

(Adding Ronald.)
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