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Author pitrou
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Date 2009-10-24.18:44:19
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I'm not comfortable with the following change (which appears twice in
the patch):

-			BZ2_bzReadClose(&bzerror, self->fp);
+			if (self->fp)
+				BZ2_bzReadClose(&bzerror, self->fp);
 		case MODE_WRITE:
-			BZ2_bzWriteClose(&bzerror, self->fp,
-					 0, NULL, NULL);
+			if (self->fp)
+				BZ2_bzWriteClose(&bzerror, self->fp,
+						 0, NULL, NULL);

If you need to test for the file pointer, perhaps there's a logic flaw
in your patch. Also, it might be dangerous in write mode: could it occur
that the file isn't closed but the problem isn't reported?
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