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Date 2009-10-20.17:32:06
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Tarek Ziadé wrote:
> Tarek Ziadé <> added the comment:
> I like ~/.python very much too (that was my initial proposal IIRC). 

+1 on that name as well.

One thing to note though: it is well possible that a user uses
multiple Python versions. With just one such directory, all
versions would look in the same directory for the configuration
files and this could lead to incompatibilities, e.g. Python 2.7
might not like that Python 3.6 needs in some config file (for
whatever reason).

> Now for the global distutils.cfg, if we want to have it somewhere else
> that the distutils package directory itself, we would need a
> "/etc/python" scheme for instance, that could be also added in
> I don't know though how the latter would look under windows

I think Subversion get's this pretty right, so we might want
to follow their scheme:
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