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Author kristall
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Date 2009-10-17.22:48:56
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I also use large RE's. re.compile() worked fine under python2.6 (OS
ubuntu-linux). After moving the code to python3.0 I get the same error
as ostkamp did. Under 3.1 also. Under 3.1 I tried to the fix that
ostkamp described (setting 'short' to 'long' in Modules/sre.h) and
rebuild python, but still the error occurs. I want to change to 3.x
since my variables contain german text with Umlauten (ä, ö, ü etc.) and
its pain to work with unicode under 2.x. Is there anything else I can
try, or is there a planned date when this bug will be fixed. I am
thankful in advance for any help.

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