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Dear Ronald

Not that simple. I had, for the first time, installed Python 2.6.3 via 
the .dmg rather than compiled from scratch, and then numpy, again via 
the .dmg. I was trying to compile biopython from scratch using disutils 
when the problem occurred. That was on a G4 PPC Mac laptop. On a 
different G5 PPC  PowerMac, I did the whole job from scratch and all was 

I can confirm that get_platform was not the problem (check it 
specifically) and I got something to work by modifying the 
config/Makefile, but then worried about what else that would affect. I 
removed the .dmg supplied Python and numpy, and installed Python 2.6.3 
from scratch, but had problem of the disutils installation of numpy 
hanging, so I removed that and did the whole job based on the previous 
installation 2.5.2.


Ronald Oussoren wrote:
> Ronald Oussoren <> added the comment:
> Michael: please file a new issue for this, your problem seems to be 
> unrelated to this one.
> In that issue include information about:
> 1) The python version you are using
> 2) The version of MacOSX
> 3) The version of Xcode (open /Developer/Applications/,
>     check the version in the About dialog)
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