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Author chuck
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Date 2009-09-29.17:57:10
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I was looking at the remaining differences between Modules/arraymodule.c 
in python 2.7 and the 3k branch, in particular I was testing why 
including the changes to the function array_ass_slice into the patch 
breaks the unit test of the array module.

The manual resizing of the memory basically was replaced by a call to 
array_resize with the advantage, that checking for exported memory views 
is done there (which is not necessary because it's already done in the 
function) and the code gets clearer. I think when PyMem_RESIZE is called 
the pointer to the memory might change. So in 3k this now happens in 
array_resize, so the array->ob_item pointer changes but not it's local 
copy in array_ass_slice. Isn't that potentially causing trouble in 
python 3k?
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