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Author solinym
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Date 2009-09-17.19:05:13
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I applied the same patch to Python 2.6.2 and believe that I got the
tab/space situation worked out so that it's consistent with the rest of

I also executed autoconf to convert to configure, and
judging by the config.log, it is testing for and finding setresuid and
friends.  It is also defining HAVE_SETRESUID to 1 as expected.  However,
when I execute this python and import os (or posix), it says that module
doesn't have the setresuid attribute.

I ran "strings" on libpython2.6a and found that it has the strings
"setuid" and "setreuid" as expected, but not my "setresuid".

Does anyone have any idea why this might be?  I'm trying hard to get
this into python but I'm not an expert on how the build works.
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