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@techtonik: We wrote "HTTPConnection" twice. I don't really understand your
request. Do you think that the issue is fixed in Python trunk or not? If not,
please open a new issue since this issue is closed.

techtonik> And I still would like to see this fix in Python 2.6
techtonik> - too bad it hadn't enough attention before 2.6.

Python is developed for people working on Python in their free time. Vote for
an ticket is useless. If you want to see your fix faster in the subversion, follow
some rules:
 - explain correctly the issue
 - write a test
 - write a patch
 - explain your solution
 - fix your patches if needed after each patch review

You posted your patch the 2008-07-01, and the 2.6 final version was released
the 1st october. It was a little bit too late for the 2.6, but it may be included in
next 2.6.x release if it's easy to backport it. I also think that not enough people
are interested by XML-RPC + HTTPS.
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