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Author herzbube
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Date 2009-09-08.01:08:30
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The attached file defines a custom command named "test", which
is implemented in a class named "TestClass". Try to run both of the

1) ./ test -h
2) ./ --help-commands

In case 1, Distutils will use the class name to print the help output.
In case 2, it will use the command name. This behaviour is inconsistent.
As a developer, if I want to get the output right in both cases, I am
forced to use the same name both for the command class and the command
name (a string in a dictionary).

I propose that Distutils always use the command name. Besides fixing the
inconsistency, this solution gives the freedom to choose class names
back to the developer.

I have tested this behaviour on Mac OS X 10.5, both with the
system-provided Python 2.5 and custom-installed versions of Python 2.6
and 3.1.
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