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Author tarek
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Date 2009-09-07.16:43:09
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> I do not quite see the benefit from the set_* methods. 
> .. some explanations of the underlying complexity...

The only benefit I can see for the set_* method is to hide 
the underlying complexity you've explained.

In Distutils, I'd like to provide a uid and gid option
to the sdist command where the user can set "root" for instance
and see the lib taking care of creating a tarfile with everything
set to the right value (and ignore the flags under windows etc)

So it seems that working per TarInfo is the wrong approach, 
and a global function to create an archive would be better.

> The filter argument is actually a nice idea. I have attached a 
> patch that outlines my idea of how it is supposed to be. 
> Comments welcome.

The patch looks nice to me

small typo in the doc :

> How create

should be "How to create"
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