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Date 2009-09-07.11:52:23
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TarInfo does not need set_uid() or set_gid() methods, both can be set
using the uid and gid attributes.
If the list of files to add to the archive is known you can do this:

tar ="foo.tar.gz", "w:gz")
for filename in filenames:
  tarinfo = tar.gettarinfo(filename)
  if tarinfo.isreg():
    fobj = open(filename)
    fobj = None
  tarinfo.uid = 0
  tarinfo.gid = 0
  tar.addfile(tarinfo, fobj)

I am not against adding a new option. Although, it's too bad that I
added the exclude option in 2.6 not long ago, which does something very
similar and would again be replaced by this more general "include"
option. BTW, I think calling the option "filter" would be more suitable
for what it's doing.
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