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I asked on the ncurses-bugs mailing list about this problem, and got an 
immediate and helpful reply from the ncurses maintainer (Thomas Dickey).

It turns out that this *is* a Mac-specific problem: in Snow Leopard the 
Apple-supplied ncurses.h defines NCURSES_OPAQUE to 1 (if it isn't already 
defined) by default, while a standard ncurses install defines 
NCURSES_OPAQUE to be 0 by default.  Furthermore, Thomas Dickey has said 
that he'll add an is_pad function for later use, so if the WINDOW flags do 
disappear or move in a future version of ncurses then there should be an 
easy workaround available at that time.

So just #defining NCURSES_OPAQUE to 0 for OS X >= 10.6 seems a reasonable 
way to fix this for now.
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