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Hmm, I don't think tests will fail, however, there are cryptic docs for this...

I don't really get what module_relative is about and I've always run into the non-
cross-platform issue above when passing an absolute path to DocFileSuite while 
forgetting to specify module_relative=False.

The weird/frustrating thing is that the tests behave *just fine* on Windows with 
module_relative being the default of True and the absolute path being specified, so 
I'm not really sure what difference either the module_relative option or the check 
that the path doesn't start with a / mean...

The problem is that while the docs specify that paths must be /-separated, nothing 
in the code enforces this. 

So, with module_relative as True, the default:

- If you generate and pass an absolute path on Windows, it'll work just fine. 

- If you pass a '\\'-separated module-relative path, this will work just fine.
  (You'll end up with base/dir\path\you\supplied, but I doubt `open` will care about 

With module_relative set to False, I'm not really sure what happens...

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