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Noting for completeness that:
 * 3.0.1 behaves the same as 3.1.1 (works without --enable-framework).
 * 2.5.4 fails with 'cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-
long-double"'. Once this is removed from the configure script, it then 
fails in mactoolboxglue.c due to missing Carbon functions, whether or 
not it was configured with --enable-framework. Using --disable-toolbox-
glue and not using --enable-framework allows the build to succeed. Using 
--disable-toolbox-glue and --enable-framework causes a failure involving 
struct rusage in posixmodule.c. Adding "#define _DARWIN_C_SOURCE" to 
pyconfig.h fixes this, but then there's the same "file is not of 
required architecture" failure seen in later versions.
 * 2.4.6 behaves the same as 2.5.4 apart from not needing the 
_DARWIN_C_SOURCE addition.
 * None of the failures are affected by /opt/local/bin's presence or 
absence in my PATH.
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