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Author r.david.murray
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Date 2009-08-26.17:03:43
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For the title concern of this patch I'm adding akuchling as nosy.

Judging by your post your English probably is good enough to write a PEP
(the PEP editors should help with fine tuning it, at least in theory).
However, I doubt a PEP would be necessary.

As for where to raise the (new) issue...given that these functions are
independent of curses, I'd say open a new issue.  If you do that, I'd
suggest making lemburg nosy on the issue, as he is the original author
of the unicodedata module and many other unicode things in python.

I'm setting the stage to test needed since your test case isn't a unit
test.  I have no idea (never having worked with curses) how hard a unit
test would be to write.  Nor have I reviewed the patch, for the same reason.
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