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Date 2009-08-26.04:44:39
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Hi Art,

Thanks for working on this. I've taken a look at the patch.

The fix to read_test looks correct. Of course, I would consider a more
descriptive variable name than 'b'.

The changes to read() are an improvement, but I think we need to be
careful when we replace "\r\n" with "\n". Basically, we've turned two
characters into one and are now potentially one character short of
'size' bytes. This doesn't match the behavior of

Another thing to work out is the lack of the 'newlines' attribute,
discussed in PEP 278.

I've noted that bz2 seems to do a pretty good job with universal newline
handling: python/trunk/Modules/bz2module.c.

It's in C, however, and I don't think there's actually anything in the
library doing UL in pure Python.
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