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Author gregory.p.smith
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Date 2009-08-24.01:05:29
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The decryption provided by the zipfile module is for the worthless
32-bit crc based "encryption" of zipfiles.  I think promoting the use of
that is a bad idea.

zipfile can be used by people to get their data out of such files.  We
should not encourage them to put it and/or their code into such a stupid

-1 on supporting this.

Anyways as to implementation details, yes you'd need a way to accept a
key on the command line (or prompt for it using getpass?) and pass it to
the import mechanism at import time.  For zip files with only the
contained file data "encrypted" (the only thing the zipfile module
supports) a zip file could be checked for and .py files
without decrypting first so that a password is only prompted for when
such a module is imported.

Again I don't see value in that.
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