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Date 2009-08-20.22:22:45
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>> Wouldn't be more interesting to add an option where you tell
>> exactly which modules aren't expected to be compiled successfully ?
>> If any modules besides those specified are not built, then
>> returns 1.
> It's good idea. The option of `configure` could be named
> --enable-extensions=ext1,ext2,...
> --enable-extensions=all could be also supported and it would mean that
> all non-skipped extensions are requested.

I also thought of such a solution, and could accept it.

However, it is really trivial to implement for anybody invoking an
automatic build of Python: after the build completes, do

python -c 'import ext1,ext2,...' 2>/dev/null

and check the return status - and voila, you know whether your required
modules were built successfully.
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