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Date 2009-08-20.14:21:04
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Using print in python 3 I would like to simple "replace" print with
pprint.pprint. However pprint cannot be called with no arguments, so
this cannot currently be done (the error is "TypeError: pprint() takes
at least 1 positional argument (0 given)").

A simple improvement is to allow no object to be passed in and pprint
would then print a newline rather than fail.

Another problem is that if you try this:

 print('hello', True)

and replace print with print, the second arg gets interpreted as the
"stream" parameter.

Both of the above can be fixed (I think) by changing as follows:

instead of the current code:
def pprint(object, stream=None, indent=1, width=80, depth=None):

change to this:
def pprint(object='\n', *args, stream=None, indent=1, width=80, depth=None)
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