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Date 2009-08-17.21:02:03
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> Notable changes are:
>   - The name of the methods have been changed to int.tobytes() and
>     int.frombytes().

Without wanting to bikeshed, I think these methods should take
underscores as other int methods already do. This kind of
inconsistencies is really annoying (have you ever used PHP? :-)).


> Before this gets applied, a (preferably final) decision should be made
> whether it should be provided for 2.7 as well. Personally, it would be
> fine with me either way.

I'm also fine with adding it to 2.7 as well. But someone has to provide
a patch (2.7 still has both `int` and `long`, which will make the task a
bit more involved than a straight backport).
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