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Problem is memory leak from repeated calls of e.g. Task Manager performance panel shows
increasing memory usage with regex but not with re. It appears to be
cumulative i.e. changing to another pattern or text doesn't release memory.

Environment: Python 2.6.2, Windows XP SP3, latest (29 July) regex zip file.


import sys
import time
if sys.platform == 'win32':
    timer = time.clock
    timer = time.time
module = __import__(sys.argv[1])
count = int(sys.argv[2])
pattern = sys.argv[3]
expected = sys.argv[4]
text = 80 * '~' + 'qwerty'
rx = module.compile(pattern)
t0 = timer()
for i in xrange(count):
    assert == expected
t1 = timer()
print "%d iterations in %.6f seconds" % (count, t1 - t0)

Here are the results of running this (plus observed difference between
peak memory usage and base memory usage):

dos-prompt>\python26\python regex 1000000 "~" "~"
1000000 iterations in 3.811500 seconds [60 Mb]

dos-prompt>\python26\python regex 2000000 "~" "~"
2000000 iterations in 7.581335 seconds [128 Mb]

dos-prompt>\python26\python re 2000000 "~" "~"
2000000 iterations in 2.549738 seconds [3 Mb]

This happens on a variety of patterns: "w", "wert", "[a-z]+", "[a-z]+t",
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