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Some clarification about the rest of the patch:

-- We tested the readline fix with version 5.2 and it seemed to work, we
did not do a thorough test with it, or with any other version.

-- When I supplied the patch I supplied the patch that we use when
building python, which also included some enhancements/bug fixes
(depending on how you look at it).  By removing the '~$-/' characters
from the completer list it allows the user to perform file name
completion (with the provided file name completion code).  The file name
completion code has been very rigorously tested.  We have been using it
at our company for the past 10 years with >100 users and have had no
problems with it.

-- We put this here since it never really seemed to be an advanced
feature since readline completion will complete file names on the
command-line as well.  This seemed like a relatively low-level fix that
makes the python tab-expansion facility fully usable instead of just
partly usable.

If you would like me to resubmit the patch as smaller components I can
do that as well.
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