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Author jackdied
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Date 2009-07-26.23:26:05
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Marking as easy.  What needs to be done is to add a small fake socket
class that redefines socket.sendall(self, bytes) to capture the args to
sock.sendall so it can be assertEqual'd to the expected bytes.

class SocketSendall(socket.socket):
  _raw_sent = b''
  def sendall(self, data):
    self._raw_sent += data

class TelnetSockSendall(telnetlib.Telnet):
  def open(self, *args, **opts):
    ''' a near-exact copy of '''
    # copy 5 lines from here
    self.sock = SocketSendall(*args, **opts)

then add a unit test that checks the ONLY thing Telnet.write() does,
which is change IAC to IAC+IAC.
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