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Author ezio.melotti
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Date 2009-07-20.00:11:01
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Here's a new patch.

I added a could of @skipUnless in test_sqlite because two tests were
I couldn't notice this before because I didn't have _sqlite3 and these
tests were skipped. Thanks to R. David Murray for reporting the problem.

In test_zipimport, the tests in 2/3 of the classes can be executed when
zlib is missing (and not only 1/3 as I initially thought). Removed zlib
= test_support.import_module('zlib') and added a @skipUnless(zlib,
"requires zlib"). Thanks again to David for this.

test_multiprocessing, test_xmplrpc and test_docxmlrpc were fixed in
#6499, so they are not part of this issue anymore.
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