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Link to older Python tracker issue discussing the same problem and
closed with "won't fix":

Strange enough, but implied from reading above issue, just an
idea (don't shoot :)). Wouldn't it be possible to recognize,
if the module name the script | embedded application is trying
to load belongs to && conflicts with the 'standard' Python module
names as listed in:

and in that case:
  a, issue a warning by loading it?
  b, refuse to import it, in case it doesn't come from usual
     standard Python modules location?

Probably off-topic, but is there in Python some mechanism how to
determine, if the module / module name belongs to:
  a, 'standard Python module set' or
  b, is a custom module, written by Python user?
     (via the Python's interpreter __main__ module's namespace
      dictionary? -- based on [1])

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