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Author lemburg
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Date 2009-07-13.08:56:26
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Raymond Hettinger wrote:
> Raymond Hettinger <> added the comment:
> In Py3.x, this fails:
>     "%s.%s.%s-%s-%s" % sys.version_info
> The reason is that PyUnicode_Format() expects a real tuple, not a tuple
> lookalike.  The fix is to either have structseq inherit from tuple or to
> modify PyUnicode_Format() to handle structseq:
>    if (PyCheck_StructSeq(args)) {
>       newargs = PyTuple_FromSequence(args);
>       if (newargs == NULL)
>           return NULL;
>       result = PyUncode_Format(format, newargs);
>       Py_DECREF(newargs);
>       return result;
>    }


The special-casing of tuples vs. non-tuples for % is already
bad enough. Adding structseq as another special case doesn't
make that any better.

What's so hard about writing

"%s.%s.%s-%s-%s" % tuple(sys.version_info)

anyway ?
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