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Date 2009-07-09.06:59:13
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I fail to follow your logic, in the following respects:

1. The exception text cannot be cached in the formatter because a
formatter will format lots and lots of records. Formatters live for a
long time, records do not.
2. The exception text needs to be stored in the record, because in some
instances (e.g. pickling and sending over a socket) this information
will not be available at the other end in any other way.
3. The way it works now, if you have multiple formatters attached to
multiple handlers (e.g. with ISO time for log files, with no ISO time
for console output), then the traceback is only converted to text once.
4. There's nothing stopping you from overriding Formatter.format, is
there? the base version uses the cache, you can override format in your
custom formatter and ignore the cache altogether if you like.

Are you sure you've thought this through? ;-)
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