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I can see 5 possible solutions here:
1) use "overflow: auto" - an horizontal scrollbar will appear at the
bottom of the sidebar;
2) use "overflow: hidden" - no scrollbar and the content that doesn't
fit in the sidebar won't be visible;
3) allow the sidebar to change its width according to the content - this
may have other negative side-effects;
4) try to break/cut the long items - this may be quite difficult to realize;
5) try some experiment with CSS3's "text-overflow: ellipsis" - it's nice
and it should work on Opera an maybe on FF3.5 too.

Fixing #4965 will probably solve this issue using the first solution, 
"text-overflow: ellipsis" could still be used in addition (it cuts the
word and '...' at the end if the text doesn't fit in the container).

Making the sidebar collapsible (as suggested in #3143) could make the
third option feasible.

The old link doesn't work anymore, this works:
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