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Date 2009-06-09.18:16:40
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I vaguely remember you rejecting a proposal along these lines when Brett
was doing the library renaming.  

The patch (as applied) turns on the renaming automatically when used
with protocol 2 (i.e. all object names are stored with their 2.x names,
not their new names).   Hagen points out that 3.1 proto 2 pickles can't
be read by 3.0.  I would think that the back-translation should be
disabled by default or else we're going to live with the 2.x names for a
very long time.

I don't care much one way or the other.  Just thought you should see it
before it got released and set in stone.  It's not too late for a one
line change, setting the fix_imports default from True to False.

FWIW, the argument for leaving the default as True is the theory that
anyone using protocol 2 is likely doing so to exchange data with 2.x.
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