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Date 2009-06-01.16:07:40
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I could agree with R. David Murray, and I think that it's fine that this
be included under a dist clean command.
Ultimately I'm writing an application and I'm trying to use distutils
with it. I'll potentially run a: "$ build_ext -i" or whatever
it may be, and then I'll want to get rid of all the mess. So I'll want
to run a clean. If that clean won't get rid of .pyc for me in one
command, then i have to run a second shell script to clean my dir,
instead of sticking the two together. Which is why i think a clean --pyc
option is useful (off by default) and which I can easily enable in
setup.cfg with [clean] pyc=1
I think this is harmless. Anyone agree?

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