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The constructor for WeakValueDictionary does not obey the contract
documented in its comments:

    # We inherit the constructor without worrying about the input
    # dictionary; since it uses our .update() method, we get the right
    # checks 

yet it initializes with: = d = {}
   d.update(*args, **kw)

i.e. the "update()" method of dict, so that a dict passed to the
constructor initializes non-weakrefed values in the dict which is
completely invalid state.

Contrast to that of 2.6, which properly uses the superclass:

UserDict.UserDict.__init__(self, *args, **kw)

A simple test which raises an exception on 3.0.1 is as follows:

import weakref

class Foo(object):
mydict = dict((k, Foo()) for k in range(10))

w = weakref.WeakValueDictionary(mydict)

assert w[5]
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