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Your problem could be related to #3297, but katakana characters don't
have a codepoint greater than U+FFFF so it could be something else.
(What is the value of sys.maxunicode there though?)

I tried your script on Linux with Python3.1b1 and en_US.UTF-8 but I
wasn't able to reproduce the issue.
I ran the script from the terminal with "python3" twice and it
worked both the time (is this the correct way to use the script?).
Can you try with Python3.1 and see if it works?

I also tried to create a directory called デスクトップ with an in it, I imported it and reloaded and it worked properly,
even when the .pyc was there.

If you delete the .pyc an reload the script again, does it work?

(Next time upload the files separately, it's easier for us to see them.)
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