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Author richard
Date 2003-11-10.21:35:05
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Hurm. This issue has been lost to the void, but it's as valid today as it 
ever was. I've just had another user of Roundup run into the same thing: 
 RE: [issue51] Mails being delayed 
(that should be one long line) became 
 RE: [issue51] Mails being delayed [assignedto=stuartm;priority=me 
when sent by Outlook. Note that the current code reconstructs that line 
as "me\ndium" which is about as wrong as it can get, as there's no way 
for my code to determine whether that *should* be "me dium" or 
"medium" since the other whitespace has been stripped (so just stripping 
out the newline, as my code currently does, doesn't help). 
I stand by my original post, requesting that the code be fixed as stated. 
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