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Author benjamin.peterson
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Date 2009-05-01.21:30:47
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File Doc/library/codecs.rst (right):
Line 326: In addition, the following error handlers are specific to only
"In addition, the following error handlers are specific to a single
codec." sounds better
Line 335:
There should probably be a versionchanged directive indicating that
"surrogates" was added in 3.1.
File Lib/test/ (right):
Line 544: def test_surrogates(self):
I think this should be split into 2 tests. "test_lone_surrogates" and
File Objects/unicodeobject.c (right):
Line 157: static PyObject *unicode_encode_call_errorhandler(const char
These prototypes are longer than 80 chars some places. I don't think the
arguments need to line up with the starting parenthesis.
Line 2393: s, size, &exc, i-1, i, &newpos);
"exc" is never Py_DECREFed.
Line 4110: if (!PyUnicode_Check(repunicode)) {
Is there a test of this case somewhere?
File Python/codecs.c (right):
Line 758: if (PyObject_IsInstance(exc, PyExc_UnicodeEncodeError)) {
I believe PyErr_GivenExceptionMatches is more appropriate here, but
given the rest of the file uses PyObject_IsInstance, it likely doesn't
Line 771: return NULL;
This is leaks "object".
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