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Date 2009-04-27.00:38:20
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What would be the right place for this to happen? I first thought of, but -S would then turn off readline support. Does it have to be
done somewhere in C land?

But perhaps tab isn’t the right key to bind. I think inputrc could set
it to something different, perhaps shell rc files too. Is there an API
to get this setting, does already do the right thing, or
does it have to be added?

Moreover, in my PYTHONSTARTUP I not only bind tab to complete, but also
set a history file. Should this be automatic too? UNIX rules would
suggest a standard ~/.pyhistory file, or we could follow newer specifications [1].

So, I don’t know the history and choices behind, but from a
user point of view, being fed up with lack of tab completion finally had
me put up a PYTHONSTARTUP file with these settings, and then some useful
functions, and so on. This lack of completion was ultimately a good
thing for me. Still, completion could be made to work out of the box,
and the man page could link to the doc explaining how to customize this

[1] XDG Base Directory Specification:

Cheers, Merwok
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