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Date 2009-04-25.23:27:17
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An interactive prompt should offer working completion out-of-the-box,
without requiring every Python user on earth to create a $PYTHONSTARTUP
with '''import readline; readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")'''.

Note that it should work not only when Python is run without arguments,
but also when running with the -i option.
And ideally, it should only install the completion function when
dropping to the interpreter, not from the start, so that code that runs
before dropping to the interpreter is not affected.  But this is really
not important.

Safety: if 'rlcompleter' or 'readline' are not availiable (e.g. broken
python install), the user must still get a working interpreter, just
without completion.

Portability: there won't be completion on windows (as long as pyreadline
or similar is not part of Python).  But that shouldn't delay unix support!
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